Narrow Path Productions, Inc. is a full- service video production company based in the metro Atlanta area. Founded in 1998, NPP, Inc. has produced hundreds of broadcast programs, sales elements and corporate projects.  NPP, Inc. has extensive production and post-production facilities to accommodate any creative needs. From producing documentaries and featurettes, to web or broadcasting sporting events and concerts....
NPP has you  covered!

You are producing an event that limits you in both space and power, and you need to meet the demands of an economical bottom line.  Narrow Path Productions' 12 foot mobile HD production trailer meets those demands, packing the punch of larger trailers into a smaller footprint, while reducing on-site power requirements.  Accommodating up to 5 'flex' positions under a higher than normal trailer clearance (7 feet), this unit provides plenty of comfort for your crew.  The accompanying B-Unit houses an additional space for both audio and video control. Available in either TriCaster or ATEM switcher configurations, 6 channel replay, digital audio board, video control and either Chyron or XPression-based graphics platforms.